Reuss OD-02 Germanium Dirt

$228.00 (AUD)

The Reuss Germanium Dirt offers a new and different take on the classic distortion pedal. Gritty, grainy, fuzzy and blissfully noisy

This is a sister model to the succesful Reuss 'Old Black Shoe' pedal , based on the same old LM308 'metal can' IC, but replacing the hybrid clipping arrangement with a pure germanium construction, using four vintage 1969 US made germanium diodes.

The Germanium Dirt kills with the 'Dirt' control dimed, but it is also capable of delivering some fine, moderate overdrive sounds. Quite transparent and very sensitive to playing dynamics. This is a perfect pedal for crisp and tastful punk, postpunk and noisy indie rock tones.

The extended low-end response makes it great for 'drop-D' tunings, stoner rock, baritone guitars and even bass.

The tone control of the Germanium Dirt is very subtle, only dialing off the most harsh high-end, and never muffling your sound completely.

Like all Reuss pedals, the Germanium Dirt is completely handmade in good old Europa from top-shelf parts.