Reuss FZ-01 'Vintage Three Volt Fuzz'

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Based on the first guitar pedal ever made, The 1962 Gibson Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone


Limited production of 75 pedals

The Reuss FZ-01 Vintage Three Volt Fuzz is based on the world's first guitar pedal, the 1962 Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone (not the later FZ-1A or the FZ-1B). It's built with three 2N270 germanium transistors and runs on 3V - just like the original old pedal.


It's a quirky sounding fuzz. Very grainy and lo-fi, with a healthy dose of that 'dying battery' quality. The nasal voice is due to the very limited bandwith of the 2N270 transistors. This is not the fuzz to end all fuzzes, but it has some unique sonic qualities, not found in more popular vintage fuzz circuits, like the tonebenders and fuzzfaces etc.


The new Reuss FZ-01 Vintage Three Volt Fuzz is available from early April 2017. It's completely redesigned compared to my old 'Kleiner Scheisskerl' version of this classic circuit. Only 75 pedals in this batch.


I have replaced one of the resistor values of the original circuit with a trimmer pot. This is for calibrating the pedal to fit the unique electronic properties of each matched set of transistors. They are all different. The trimmer is not a ‘bias pot’, and I adjust it before the pedals ships. This is a new feature, not in my old 'Kleiner Scheisskerl' version, and it's a great improvement, giving a much better range to the 'ATTACK' control and an overall better response and playability. Still a weird pedal, though.