Primitive Motion / Worlds Floating By 12"

$20.00 (AUD)

There’s a weird vacuum of malevolence on Worlds Floating By. The snarling organ riff on ‘Skyline’ is tamed by the track’s defiant lyrics. The foreboding ambience and spartan drum machine that opens ‘Home of the Lone Coast’ quickly dissolves into spectral melancholy, illustrated by a flickering organ motif that fades in and out of focus.

It’s difficult to account for how intimate the album feels. Despite its expansive sound and cosmic overtones, its lullaby-like vocal melodies make it a strangely personal experience. The overall effect is one of tacit, exultant introspection – of savouring humble quietude beneath a vast sky.

The record’s metaphysical lyrics and overarching sense of purpose marks it as a humbly ambitious gem in the year’s Australian releases. If it’s a herald of what’s to come on Bedroom Suck, and in Australian pop music generally, then we should all be very excited indeed.