Primal Scream / Mark Stewart - Autonomia 12 inch

$28.00 (AUD)

Lairy, righteous return for Mark Stewart, in collaboration with Primal Scream. Bobby Gillespie sounds like he hasn't had this much fun since the mid-90s, and the backing of chicken-scratch guitar and squalling FX recalls The Pop Group and the Maffia at their chaotic best. Stewart's Bristol homeboy Pinch supplies two beautifully techy, elongated remixes, a return to the deep atmospherics he explored way back when on his Underwater Dancehall LP; of the two complementary versions, it's the more stripped-down dub that does it for us, proper 21st century soundsystem business. JD Twitch also impresses with his tough, trippy electro-rooted remix, a hot tip for amyl-fuelled night-spots.