Peter Black / Forest Pooky split 12 inch

$15.00 (AUD)

Peter ‘’Blackie‘’ Black has been playing in the Hard-Ons since 1982, the lengedary australian punk rock band. Pushed and encouraged by his band mates, Peter Black gave the solo ride a try. Although acoustic, his work is no less twisted, melodic or surprising! You’ll definitely enjoy his songwriting and the particular voice that charmed you regarding his other “Electric” projects!


For his first solo European tour, he will be joining forces with Forest Pooky (Sons of Buddha, Napoleon Solo…) It seems the man never stops! Since his album release, he’s played over 450 shows, and barely back from his first USA tour, he’s kicking out with Blackie on a 7 weeks tour (France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Hollande, England) !!!


We’re expecting sparks from this union! The first on would be their split 12” on which you’ll get 3 previously unreleased songs from each artist on an full orange disc! Artwork by Peter Black with lyrics and nice selfies on the insert sleeve. Oh, and a download code, of course!!! 

(Some slight damage to covers from shipping)