Pearls and Crazy Diamonds

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FIFTY YEARS OF BURNS AND BALDWIN GUITARS 1952-2002 by Per Gjorde A very nice full-color history of British-made Burns electric guitars. Burns manufactured guitars from the concept of "mass-produced one-offs" and enjoyed some of its greatest success in the '60s with models such as the Vibra-Artist, the Black Bison, the Nu-Sonic, the Vibraslim and others. Later guitars were built under the Baldwin/Burns and Baldwin names. In 1992 the Burns name was resurrected and guitars were again produced with the same attention to quality. New models include the Marquee, the Double Six, and the Brian May Signature Red Special (who installed Burns Tri-Sonic pickups on his original home-built guitar). Also covers bass models, amplifiers and accessories, Burns circuitry, unusual models, and advice on dating guitars. Hardcover. 87 pp.