Normalised : The Detonic Collection 12 Inch

$25.00 (AUD)

Earlier in the year Detonic Recordings invited some of their favorite acts to contribute a track to a " Transglobal Synth-Punk Compilation". 


Songs slowly arrived from all around the world - tracks recorded especially for the LP and/or unreleased previously, these are not just remixes or demo outtakes - the record plays like a set of hit singles. Like a proper Compilation should. 


The final set of collaborators are from Asia, Europe and America in addition to the local Australian representation. 


The Tunes were mastered by Neil Thomason at Head Gap, Melbourne and Cover art is by French artist Joe LL Cool. 


The LP is available as a Clear Vinyl 12" LP and CD produced in Melbourne by Zenith Records and by Implant Media respectively. 


Release date is October 17 and Launch parties are planned in Melbourne on 16th November and Paris on the 28th.