NO ANCHOR - Steam cassette

$10.00 (AUD)

From haemorrhage records;

Second albums can be tricky. You want to appease the fanbase who you inevitably amassed in droves from the first record by retaining a similar sound, but you also want to branch out through your songwriting and explore different areas while retaining the core elements that made you that band from the first album. Many bands have debuted with stellar albums only to drop the ball on their second outing. Not going to name any names because someone will get the shits, but trust me - it happens. Luckily, this is not the case with No Anchor, and we're happy to report that their sophomore studio effort, Steam, is a real treat. Beginning with a 39 second intro which sounds like backmasked riffs (think 'Blackened' by Metallica), the album then kicks in proper with 'Everything You Say' - a bouncy riff complemented by even bouncier drumming. If you don't bob your head to this song, you're either being rude or you're dead. Some nice staccato noodling towards the end of the track provides a delicious counterpoint to the bleak lyrics. Up next is the title track, a thirteen and a half minute behemoth. It is the sound of the endless abyss, and I am going to stop writing about it because I've run of creative ways to say "it sounds mean and scary". Side B starts with over seven minutes of ambient drone, which is a relief after the title track. This cassette re-release of No Anchor's second album is limited to 69 hand-numbered copies.