NO ANCHOR - Fire Flood and Acid Mud cassette

$10.00 (AUD)

From haemorrhage records;

Originally released in 2008, Fire Flood and Acid Mud is No Anchor's first album, and it is, in a word, apocalyptic. Beginning with acoustic guitar plucking a pleasant staccato tune, the song soon dissolves into a harsh display of distorted bass and pummeling snare strikes. The riff winds through itself and increases in speed and ferocity, before ending abruptly in a flurry of handsome chords and a nasty bite of feedback. And that's just track one! Track two starts with a crushing fifteen seconds of over-cranked gain noise wall. You get the idea. Side A contains six songs - including an extra track that originally appeared on a 3-disc compilation of Brisbane music from 2007-2008 - that are comparatively brief when held against Side B's two monolithic tracks. You can stream the album below so we don't have to write about all of them - find out for yourself and revisit a Brisbane classic. This cassette re-release of No Anchor's first album is limited to 67 hand-numbered copies.