New Bomb Turks Pissing Out the Poison: Singles and Other Swill 12 inch

$48.00 (AUD)

Serving up 26 songs culled from various hard to come by 7" and compilation releases, Pissing Out the Poison serves as a fine introduction to the cowpunk world of Columbus, OH's New Bomb Turks. Simply put, the New Bomb Turks play rock & roll that proudly displays influences ranging from the Pagans to '80s guitar metal and rockabilly hiccupers like Jerry Lee Lewis and, last but certainly not least, the Rolling Stones (this record even includes a cover of the Stones' "Summer Romance"). Since many of these songs were never released as part of a proper New Bomb Turks record, it should come as little surprise that for the most part the production tends to be a little ragged with Jim Weber's fuzzed-out guitar and Eric Davidson's manic vocals drowning out the bass and drums on several tracks. However, while lo-fi production might sound bad on, say a pristine pop record by Bon Jovi, punk rock is a different animal, and under the right circumstances, as here, rough production only adds to the atmosphere, helping to convey the D.I.Y. attitude. Compiled from early New Bomb Turks releases, the overall tone of Pissing Out the Poison is considerably more fierce than later releases like Nightmare Scenario which, released on Epitaph, found the band playing songs that were more polished, and while still quite catchy and rocking, lacked the raw edge of earlier efforts. Charismatic frontman Eric Davidson (whose lyrics and image would have you believe he was a '50s hoodlum with a pompadour and leather jacket, or maybe just Steve Martin) has a knack for sharp, pun-heavy wit, as evidenced with song titles like "Laissez Faire Stare" and "Deathbedside Manner." Pissing Out the Poison also includes New Bomb Turks standards like "Let's Dress Up the Naked Truth," "Sucker Punch," and "Taller Order," as well as several obscure covers of songs by Thee Headcoats, Radio Birdman, Phil Spector, and Modern Lovers, among others.