Nation Blue The - A Blueprint For Modern Noise 12"

$35.00 (AUD)

Poison City is delighted to announce the vinyl re-issue of The Nation Blue’s thundering debut album ‘A Blueprint For Modern Noise’.  Recorded soon after the band relocated from Tasmania to Melbourne, ‘A Blueprint For Modern Noise’ was originally released in 2001 via Trial & Error, hailed at the time for being furious, bleak, melodic and brooding, bristling with dark Australian imagery. The 12 tracks are set to be remastered at West West Side, NY for a double LP due out late August on Poison City Records. “Albums as intense and uncompromising as ‘Blueprint…..’ often take years to fully digest and appreciate. Hopefully by making it available again (and on vinyl for the first time) reaffirms how important this record and The Nation Blue really is to Australia’s underground music landscape.” – Andy (Poison City)