Mugstar - Sun Broken 12inch

$35.00 (AUD)

Over the past year Cardinal Fuzz has brought you some great original releases. However, there are a few releases that for one reason or another never made it onto vinyl. If there is one album that deserves the Cardinal Fuzz vinyl treatment then it would surely be Sun, Broken by Mugstar.
Mugstar are without a shadow of a doubt THE premier space rock act in the United Kingdom, if not the world. Their potent brew of punishing riffing, krautrock grooves, clattering surf guitar and post punk urgency all filtered through an intergalactic pulse has ensured them a place on all the major psych-rock festivals throughout Europe.
Sun, Broken was originally released on Important Records in 2010 – but contains songs that are still staples in their set to this day. From the neuron destroying opener ‘Ouroborous’ , all the way through to the spacefaring ‘Furklausundbo’, Sun,Broken offers no let up from start to finish .
Released on stunning intergalactic black/white swirl and housed in a redesigned embossed cover printed in metallic ink with hand numbered insert all designed by longtime Mugstar cohort, Sam Weihl – this could well be the re-release of the year!