Morales Mosrite Copy 1960s

$850.00 (AUD)

MIJ. Great condition with some slight player wear, small chips and scratches. Heavy solid timber (laminated mahogany) body with bolt on multi laminated hardwood neck with rosewood fretboard. Top of the line model with heavy cast Vibra Matic vibrato and Mosrite style roller bridge and spun knobs. Big output (10K) single coil pickups with strong magnet pole pieces makes these sound HUGE. Great German carves similar to earlier 60's Mosrite Ventures. Zero fret with half round string guide. The neck is thicker and the frets are larger than a real Mosrite (which some people will like) but headstock angle and volute is the same. A great quality, great looking Mosrite copy that sounds and plays more like a "real guitar" for those that don't "get" the great things about Mosrites. With standard hardcase.