Moon Duo - Shadow Of The Sun 12 inch

$52.00 (AUD)

Although Shadow of the Sun is rooted in psychedelia, there are elements of proto-punk all over it, darkening the songs and making them more human. "Wilding", the album's standout opening track, resembles one of Jonathan Richman’s more uptempo songs, tinged with a tinny Haight-Ashbury tambourine and some wigged-out synths. Johnson’s solos, which can occasionally wander, are concise and focused here, setting an energetic stage for what’s to come.

Shadow of the Sun is psych for the city, and even in its more ascendant moments, a thin veil of industrial grit, leaning towards krautrock, keeps the record from ever really floating skyward. Their last LP, 2012’s Ralph Waldo Emerson-inspired Circles, hinted at a relationship to nature. But unlike fellow drugged-out craftsmen Brightblack Morning Light, whose hazy, shimmering songs are all palo santo and desert light, Moon Duo’s creepy synths and razor-sharp guitars never venture into more magical realms.