MoE - Examination of the Eye of a Horse LP

$30.00 (AUD)

On the new album, MoE challenges their established band sound and bring themselves to uncharted territory. The production reveals new sides that embraces the duality in their music, resulting in their most dynamic and courageous album so far.
Whereas their last album reflected their Mexican influence, this album is another geographical tribute. Over the last years the Japanese music scene have made a profound impact on the band, and have brought them to close relations with numerous independent bands and musicians that continues to influence MoEs music.
Their previous releases have focused on a live energy, “Examination of the Eye of a Horse” puts the band into a more elaborate production. The collaboration with producer and mixer Jørgen Træen (Jaga Jazzist/Sondre Lerche/Susanne Sundfør) brings new and unheard elements to the music and the genre. In many ways Træen turns “Examination of the Eye of a Horse” into MoE’s pop album, altering the dogmatic punk sound, in favour for a cleaner and transparent sound. Letting the compositions blossom and leaving considerably more space to the voice, whispering in the listener’s ears. Adding a whole new dimension to the music.