Maxon ST9Pro + 2ND HAND

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MIJ. Good condition with some slight player wear. In box with papers. 


Updated Reissue of 1980’s Super Tube Screamer

Circuit Based on classic OD-9/OD808

Dedicated Midrange knob to dial in amount of mid boost

Low Boost Switch adds low end punch – great for single coils

9-volt or 18-volt regulated operation (switchable)

True Bypass Switching


Bigger, Badder, Bolder – these are the best three words to describe the ST-9 Pro+ Super Tube.  The latest and possibly last incarnation of Maxon’s legendary 808, the ST-9 features more output, more gain, and more tonal options for the player who simply needs – well, MORE.

Starting with a circuit loosely based on the classic 808 architecture, the ST-9 adds a Mid Enhance knob to control the amount of midrange boost.  This knob functions similarly to an amp’s presence control, boosting perceived volume and gain as it’s turned up.

You may be wondering why an 808-style pedal would need more presence – allow us to introduce you to the ST-9’s Low Boost switch.

The Low Boost switch is the ST-9’s secret weapon – This unassuming switch completely changes the character of the pedal, adding beefy low end and increased saturation via a LP filter and an alternate set of clipping diodes.

If this wasn’t enough, the ST-9 also offers 9- or 18-volt operation via an internal charge pump.  Run at 9 for the classic 808 sound and feel or switch to 18 for increased headroom, improved dynamics, and a bigger, chunkier tone to the overdrive.