Maxon SP-01 2ND HAND

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MIJ. RARE Spectrum/D distortion in great condition. 


"Rare. Hard to find. From Maxon's "Zero-One" series. Japanese market only. Made in Japan. Maxon produced less than one thousand of these in 1987. Very unique indeed. The lower left control knob entitled "SPECTRUM" is an eq control that can give the distortion of the pedal a nasal half-cocked wah tone a la Mick Ronson."

"In the July, '06, issue of Guitar Player, Ken Scott, producer of Ziggy Stardust said this about Ronson and his wah, "He'd find a position he liked, and he'd just leave it there." Fascinating that Maxon decided to engineer this capability in a distortion pedal. Uses a standard Boss style 9V adapter or 9V battery."

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