Maxon D&S II OD-802 2ND HAND

$265.00 (AUD)

MIJ. Third edition in good condition with scratches and slight player wear. Missing bottom rubber. In original box. My personal favourite of the four D&S circuits.


With its mild drive, smooth sustain and high output, the D&S II sits the fence between an overdrive and a distortion.  This unique “split personality” makes it perfect for players that seek a natural drive sound with more saturation than an OD generally provides.

The D&S II’s circuit is markedly similar to a vintage MXR Distortion+, and like that classic pedal it covers a wide range of distortion colors from mild drive to pronounced fuzz tones.

Unlike the ‘Plus, the D&S II features a Tone control that allows you to dial in the low end that’s typically lost when the Distortion knob is turned up.

From subtle crunch to intense saturation, the D&S II provides a wide range of useful, tube-like tones.  If you love the OD808’s bark but could use a little more bite, the D&S II is the pedal for you.