Maxon DS-830 2ND HAND

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MIJ. Good condition with slight player wear. Non original knobs.


High Gain Distortion with amp-like character

Great for Classic Rock guitar tones ala’ Marshall JCM800/900

Wide range of usable gain settings that don’t color your tone

Dynamically interactive Bass and Treble controls

Low/Low Mid push makes a smaller amp sound like a stack

Works great on Bass Guitar!


Despite its modest array of controls, the DS830 is one of the most flexible distortion boxes you will ever encounter.
The DS830 can generate insane amounts of gain while still retaining remarkable evenness and transparency.  Yet far from being a one-trick pony, the DS830 is also capable of lightly overdriven blues tones and even semi-clean solo boosts at lower Gain settings.
Clarity and punch may seem like self-canceling traits, yet the DS830 provides both.  The high-gain settings don't force a particular color on your tone - a great trait if you're pleased with your particular guitar/amp combination.

The DS830’s dual tone controls are surgically effective and highly interactive. The Bass knob contributes low-end muscle that makes a combo sound like a stack and turns a full stack into a wrecking ball.  The Treble control dials in just the right amount of bite without excessive top-end sizzle.  Between the two, you can get everything from penetrating bite to an obese square-wave bordering on fuzz.
This additional tone-shaping makes the DS830 ideal for use with Bass Guitar, generating an edgy, aggressive tone that retains the note clarity and character of your instrument.
For full-bodied distortion with an amp-like feel and a huge variety of useable tones, the DS830 Distortion Master is unrivalled in its sonic range.

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