Maxon AD10 Delay 2ND HAND

$220.00 (AUD)

MIJ. Great "as new" condition with original box and papers. 


100% Analog Delay with 600 mS delay time

Gorgeous, Warm, organic delay tone

Special filtering on repeats to reduce distortion

Capable of Self-oscillation effects

Works in FX loop or front-end of amp

Buffered Bypass Switching


The AD10 takes Maxon’s 30+ years of experience in analog delay design and offers it up in one compact, WYSIWYG pedal.
The AD10 delivers up to 600 milliseconds of gorgeous, organic delay that doesn’t get in the way of your original guitar tone.  Delay repeats are tuned to perfection with a subtle yet distinct distortion and none of the high-frequency whistle associated with over-clocking of the delay circuit.
The AD10’s minimalist control interface makes it incredibly easy to dial in a variety of usable delay effects including double-tracking, faux reverb, tight rhythm slapbacks, and longer delays for solos.
The AD10 retains its distinctive sound even when stacked with overdrives and distortions.  It works equally well in the front end or the FX loop of an amp and excels at the runaway feedback self-oscillation that everyone now expects from an analog delay.
The AD10 features a low-impedance buffered bypass, allowing it to drive long cable lengths or other effect units without loss of signal.