Mamiffer / Pyramids 12"

$30.00 (AUD)

Rare is the pairing of 2 bands for a split release, when their artistic visions actually compliment each other, where two distinct voices manage to create a cohesive piece instead of a varied playlist, and where the split format actually makes total sense. Such is the case with the split release by Mamiffer and Pyramids. Cryptic Seattle duo Mamiffer has a young but prolific history of exploring various uncharted corners of sonic space and re-envisioning the templates of drone, doom, neo-classical, and dark ambient. The mysterious and elusive Denton, Texas band Pyramids is just as enigmatic. Eschewing live shows altogether, what little is known about the band is limited to their recorded output and the terse liner notes accompanying them. Flirting with shoegaze, black metal, musique concrete, psych rock, and industrial, often within the space of just one song, Pyramids seems less like an actual band than a curator, a master of ceremonies selecting disparate sound sources and stringing them together into a coherent whole.