Lowell Fulsom - In a Heavy Bag 12 inch

$38.00 (AUD)

What’s in a name? In Lowell Fulson’s case, plenty! During his long and storied career he recorded under his own name as well as Lowell Fullsom and Lowell Fulsom. Done so for business reasons, there was no hiding his true identity once he began to sing and play. An Oklahoma native, Fulson grew up with equal doses of Bob Wills and Texas blues and soon became the leading proponent of the West Coast blues sound. A triple threat as a singer/writer/guitar player, Fulson recorded for many labels, notably Swing Time, Chess/Checker, Kent and Rounder. His numerous hits included “Reconsider Baby,” “Lonesome Christmas,” “Tramp” (famously covered by Carla and Rufus Thomas), “Three O’Clock Blues” and “Everyday I Have The Blues.” His influence on his peers and subsequent generations of musicians is incalculable. 

Fulson continued to perform and record until illness slowed him shortly before his death in 1999. Across such a rich career, there are many defining moments and In a Trick Bag gathers eleven of those moments in one place. Sourced from the original Jewel analog tapes, this album is an immensely enjoyable listening experience from beginning to end.