Loomer / Ceiling 12 inch

$25.00 (AUD)

There are some bands who are completely unsuccessful at translating the essense of their music to record. Loomer are not one of these bands. This is music of frustration and elation. Ceiling, their debut longplayer is imbued with a heavy atonal romanticism thumping and grinding it's way through your body when played loud enough. Music that has a predisposition to the more experimental sides of Sonic Youth, or bands you'd find playing The Smell in LA.

The opening track, ‘Ride', booms at you with persistence, singer Brea Stanbridge's vocals trickling with ethereality while the guitars' off kilter rhythm brings the unease needed to complete the song. Highlights include the title track, ‘Ceiling'; a sardonic hymn, and ‘Saving Daylight' which pulses with an energy of it's own. The real success of the record is that all instruments come to the fore - it's not just another wrangling mess of guitars.