KT77 JJ Electronic Valve

$46.00 (AUD)

KT77 JJ Electronic Valve

The JJ KT77 is a remake of the famous MOV/GOLD LION KT77. The Original Marconi Osram KT77 valve had no Kink in the curve of the sine wave; hence the KT stands for kinkless tetrode. In guitar amplifiers when substituting these for EL34 it will give greater clean headroom and less compression. They sound very full and detailed with nice bass clarity which fills the room. They are harmonically rich, and brighter the Russian Remake Gold Lion or it’s brother the JJ E34L.This is a super EL34 but the KT77 does appear have a higher current draw and higher GM than a regular EL34, Just like the old MOV KT77. The sonic performance of this makes it ideal for anyone who wants cleaner headroom out of their Marshall or EL34 amplifier. The valve also is an excellent audio upgrade for any EL34 amplifier