Kluson TonePros System II Tuning Machines

$110.00 (AUD)

TonePros® recent addition of the Kluson® brand has proved to be the perfect compliment to the growing family of TonePros® Sound Labs International’s group of brands and companies. TonePros®' world renowned reputation for correcting decades of musical instrument flaws has now been applied to the classic Kluson® tuning machine.

TonePros® primary focus was to pinpoint and troubleshoot the inadequacies of old design tuning machines and apply TonePros “cutting edge” technology and highest quality standards. The result was a “vintage format” machine head that has world class performance, while retaining the classic look and feel of the worlds most famous and emulated tuner. Keeping with traditional TonePros® style, these new tuner products are no more expensive than their now obsolete counterparts, yet they provide numerous advantages, including:

  • Exceptional smooth/tight gear “feel”.
  • Completely sealed components.
  • Improved "modern" gear ratios.
  • “Press In” and “Bolt” bushing models.
  • TonePros “Locking” tuner models available.
  • World class technology & quality applied to “Official” Kluson product format.

TPK33 Series Tuners