Kadavar/Aqua Nebular Oscillator 12"

$50.00 (AUD)

The German Doomrock / Proto Metal Rookie of the year 2012 KADAVAR and the French psychedelic rockers AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR combines long had a close friendship. On their tour this spring Both bands came the idea that it would be a nice thing to make a record together. Said and done: the French entourage grabbed besides wine and baguette together their equipment and traveled for two weeks to Berlin in KADAVAR own studio record the project. The result is a psychedelic journey into the Shoals aerosolized brains. Hear there is next to two mutual reinterpretations (ANO Kadavar covers their favorite song, and vice versa) a sprawling joint jam session (divided into two songs), plus two new Kadavar or ANO.