JK Flesh - Prurient

$38.00 (AUD)

WORSHIP IS THE CLEANSING OF IMAGINATION, the split between JK Flesh and Prurient is the new and final Hydra Head release. JK Flesh is the new solo project (but haven’t they all been solo projects?) of Justin Broadrick, the enterprising mastermind behind Godflesh and Jesu, as if you didn’t already know that. JK Flesh is far more beat driven, drawing on Berlin and Detroit house and bearing more similarity to DJ Sprinkles then Techno Animal. Still keeping it steeped in prismatic mystery, the guitar lurks around each corner and never really bears down on you, yet you’re always aware of it’s existence. Prurient is the main entity of Dominick Fernow, the iconically prolific noise/metal/synth/techno/you-name-it artist who as of recently has been focusing more and more of his attention on his new 9/11-drenched conspiracy project Vatican Shadow. But leave it to Dominick to break from one style and completely plunge back into form on a dime.