Jesus Lizard The - DVD

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A powerful and energetic set from October 4, 1994 at the Venus De Milo club on Lansdowne Street in Boston, taped directly across the street from the home of the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park. The DVD has lots of Boston connections, utilizing footage from Hype TV DJ from WBCN, Shred, who conducts a fine interview while the attorney for that TV show turns out to be Dave Herlihy, a regional figure who was signed to Epic with his group, O Positive. Michael Azerrad's liner notes on the two-page insert read like they're straight out of Creem, and that's a good thing. At 65 minutes you get the two performances and DJ Shred's interview with singer Yow. A wonderful package of borderline hardcore rock & roll from an important and highly entertaining unit.