Indians - Somewhere Else 12 inch

$35.00 (AUD)

Copenhagen's Søren Løkke Juul has endured more than a few Bon Iver comparisons in the short amount of time he's been making music as Indians, but at least it's got nothing to do with his back story. They're loners with facial hair in frigid climates, but that's where the similarities stop: After a decade of being in go-nowhere bands, a YouTube of the 33-year-old Juul's "Magic Kids" started to circulate in part due to a video made with an iPhone camera and some artfully incorporated T&A. It landed him a record deal with 4AD and, consequently, a mandate to actually make this record. In a roundabout way, Juul ends up justifying the comparisons, albeit to Justin Vernon's second album, as the sensationally evocative Somewhere Else similarly creates a world where boundaries between folk, piano balladry, arena rock, and post-rock dissolve, resulting in something both unclassifiable and wholly his.