Husker Du - Metal Circus 12 inch

$38.00 (AUD)

This is the album on which the monster that was Hüsker Dü truly came alive. From here on out, this Minneapolis trio would define new directions and open new vistas for rock music with every release. Bob Mould's spectacularly demented lead work and furious vocal delivery are driven to a frenzied pace by drummer Grant Hart and bassist Greg Norton. At times, as on the incredible opener, "Real World," the naked aggression and speed is hard to withstand. "It's Not Funny Anymore" is a great anthem, striking a blow against conformity and hinting at the pop territory the band would go on to explore more fully on future outings. "Diane," with Hart on lead vocal, is a ballad of sorts--and probably one of the most horrifying in the history of rock.