Harvey Milk - The Pleaser 12 inch

$40.00 (AUD)

In 1997, the trio made one hell of a musical left turn, churning out a relentless riff-rock record, The Pleaser. Harvey Milk had become a bruising bar-band, recording unyielding anthems with clenched fists and clear focus. Frontman Spiers still sounded menacing, but he now fronted a trio with a newfound melodic steel: "We're having a rock'n'roll party/ I don't care what you been told/ It's too late to be too old/ Party!" he sang on "Rock & Roll Party Tonite", sounding like Kurt Cobain fronting Cheap Trick. Though Harvey Milk 2.0 didn't care to replicate the enigmatic menace of its predecessor, they still sounded tough as rust.