Fuzzsucker - Scarecrow Cassette

$6.00 (AUD)

Leader of the Jet Eagle Rock n Roll Club 86 and self proclaimed Good Boy, Fuzzsucker is typically described as the most energetic force in live music ever. Now with 33 releases (which covers around 120 of his songs), it's no wonder he is the best one man band in Melbourne and the fifth best in Canberra. 


SCARECROW is a collection of songs about, yep, you guessed it: a scarecrow (named Twiggy). The farm Twiggy looks after has fallen on tough times – there ain't a bird to scare away. The poor ol' farmer can't cope with this too well and decides to shoot himself in the head with a shotgun – Leavin' Twiggy stagnant and in desolation for 40 years. 

After all that time just bein' heaps bored, a U.F.O arrives an' abducts Twiggy – tearing him to pieces and reforming him as a necromancer. Twiggy returns to Earth to raise an army of undead farmers to harvest the human race for the aliens. 

The humans don't like this too much, so they train a rebellion of foxes to take on the undead farmy (because farmers hate foxes).