Data Corruption LP / Various Artists

$25.00 (AUD)

Side 1: WOLF SHIELD ‘Nudge, Nudge’. SCHOOL DAMAGE ‘Lift Off’. INFECTICIDE ‘Atomic Suplexed By A Girl’. PISS PRUNES ‘Ain’t No Nuthin’’. DIESEL DUDES ‘I Am Spartacus’. WATERFALL PERSON ‘You Never Made Me Cry’. MNNTAB ‘The Shooting Party’ 

Side A: BLACK RAT SPEEDWAY MACHINE ‘Sick Of You’. HELL FROM ABOVE ‘Prehistrionic Partytime’. PROJECT DARK ‘No More’. LONDON DIRTHOLE COMPANY ‘Wires & Pulses’. MIRROR TWINS ‘Earthmover’. HEADBUTT ‘Too Old’. SUPER SNIPES ‘Are You Ever Anywhere?’ 

An absurd idea, brilliant!  

It happened in April 2015, during some aftershow beers when mnntaB performed in London. Friends reignited! 2 labels rosters covering each others songs in the spirit of mutual fun and support.  

The Melbourne  based electronocentric Detonic Recordings label with its fetid oozing Dirt Beat and dirtier attitude provide the stroppy glamour to the London based Outsider label, Radiowave Recordings' roughneck garroullous garage grunt guitar gyrating gism. 

14 acts, 14 songs they've never heard, 14 devious diversions, 14 belches of joy. 

A double A-side compilation? A box set of split singles? 

A tetra-decagon A sided album, if you will, of new-fi, lo-rent joyous spleurge and run.