Dan Kelly - Leisure Panic! 12 Inch

$30.00 (AUD)

Recorded amidst the riots of London, the grey skies of Melbourne and the greenery of Nimbin, Leisure Panic! is structured as a patchwork of nomadic tales, serving as the diary of restless man. Of course, the romanticism of such freedom naturally creeps into the pages as Kelly reminisces of when "we went to northern New South Wales, built a cabin [and] saw the whales" on punchy lead single "Never Stop the Rot". Geography is the record's adaptable centrepiece throughout, whether he's taking "a side way off the Pacific Highway", "hiding out from Google Maps" or "coming down to the sea" to conquer love on the swaggering serenade "Gold Coast Man". Equally displaced is the author himself, rarely with his head out of the clouds as he hopefully holds out for government rebates as a solution for his woes ("Baby Bonus"), casually shrugs off his own self-critique that he was "born with a lack of direction" ("Creme de la Creme de la Creme") and even takes a nonchalant attitude to matters of upmost significance, such as the battle of city superiority ("Melbourne vs Sydney"), diluting his own social commentary kicks by throwing his hands up as the opening stanza completes: "make the best team win". - Rolling Stone