Carousel - Tears of Stone 12 inch

$23.00 (AUD)

There’s the easy-listening classic rock bullshit (the stuff a DJ spins at your lame cousin’s wedding) that clouds Clear Channel airwaves, but that’s not what interests Carousel. Think Thin Lizzy, Steppenwolf, or Bow Wow (no, not the hip-hop dude–look’em up–one of the best Japanese rock bands ever). Like these bands, when Carousel enters the stage, they jostle our senses with mean guitar licks and an epic rhythm section. All they’re missing is some fake blood and a ridiculous drum riser. And they rock…..haaaard. Earlier this year at a Thunderbird Cafe gig, the cops were called due to all of the (“too loud”) rockin’. That’s a true story—I heard the cops entered the dark performance space with flashlights, gazed at overpowering (guitarist/singer) Dave Wheeler in a hypnotized shredding daze, and scurried out the door in horror.