Boss RV-5 2ND HAND

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MIT. Great condition with cery little player wear.


The RV-5 is a direct replacement of the RV-3 so it might seem disappointing that it only has 6 modes compared to the RV-3’s 11. The RV-3 was however a Reverb/Delay that only had 4 pure reverb modes. With the RV-5, the delay function has been dropped and its 6 modes are all different kinds of reverb.

Stereo input/output for compatibility with other stereo pedals

6 reverb modes (Spring, Plate, Hall, Room, Gate, Modulate)

The Modulate mode detunes the reverb sound for added spaciousness

New spring reverb emulation offers realistic spring reverb sounds

New gate reverb taken from high-end Roland studio gear