Boss PW-10 2ND HAND

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MIT. Great condition with slight player wear.


The amazing BOSS PW-10 V-Wah is likely to be the last wah pedal you'll ever need or want. This first-of-its-kind programmable modeling wah gives you instant access to six classic and modern wah pedal sounds, as well as all-new "Double resonance," "Uni-V" and "Voice" sounds never found in a wah pedal before! Plus the V-Wah features onboard overdrive/booster effects, three digital memories for storing your favorite sounds, noise-free infrared operation and more.

World's first COSM modeling wah pedal, with 6 classic and modern wah pedal models

Noise-free operation with advanced infrared pedal detection

8 onboard Overdrive/distortion effects to perfectly complement the wah sounds

New "Voice" mode simulates "talking" vowel sounds

New "Double resonance" mode creates analog synth-type sounds

"Uni-V" effect produces vintage swirling rotary sounds

3 digital memories for saving customized wah sounds for instant recall

Wah Range knob allows users to customize the filtering range instantly