Boss MZ-2 2ND HAND

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MIJ. Good condition with some player wear.


The MZ-2 is a somewhat unusual distortion pedal as it has 3 doubling modes, 2 chorus modes as well as a normal distortion mode. The distortion is produced in an analog circuit while the chorus and delay functions are created using a digital chip. The pedal has 2 main circuit boards where one of them is analog and the other one digital. The MZ-2 has stereo outputs which is unusual for a distortion pedal but makes perfect sense because of the doubling modes.


The MZ-2 has 6 different modes. Straight distortion, distortion/delay (3 modes) and distortion/chorus (2 modes). The MZ-2 remained unchanged throughout its 4 year life time. Production came to an end some time 1991 but the pedal was still marketed for another year.