Boss CE-3 2ND HAND

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MIJ. Green label. Good condition with some player wear.


The Rate knob begins our journey into the CE-3, and it controls the overall speed of the chorus effect, as you might expect. The Depth knob is up next, which adjusts the intensity or presence of the effect, from a slight, mild chorus effect to a shimmery, watery, liquid tone. Adjust these two to taste as you see fit, and exploring the wide range of sounds available will truly be music to your ears.


One aspect of the CE-3 that gives it a different sound and feel than the CE-2 is a 3rd control knob, which controls what comes out of the Stereo Outputs, a feature you won’t get with that other chorus pedal. Mode I makes the chorus effect come out of BOTH outputs, while Mode II allows the effect to come through Output A, while your instrument’s regular, dry signal comes shining out of Output B. Mode II should only be used if you are running a stereo (2 amp) setup, otherwise the chorus effect will not be present. This give an entirely new dimension of sound to the CE-3, one that some may find to be more important than the hype surrounding other choruses.