Blanck Mass - World Eater 12 inch

$48.00 (AUD)

World Eater finds one of electronic noise’s most popular and populist artists making his heel turn. Specifically, it happens after the oblong music box melody of opener “John Doe’s Carnival of Error” goes into double time, generating the promise of euphoric lift-off that typified Fuck Buttons’ 2009 Andy Weatherall-abetted album Tarot Sport. But it’s a classic supervillain trick of lulling its victims with a disturbing, playful calm before unleashing indiscriminate destruction. A nine-minute blitzkrieg like “Rhesus Negative” needs no nuance; the only operative principle here is loud. Brutal kick drums compete with twin-turret guitars for dominance in the mix before a return to the black metal shrieking last heard on 2008’s Street Horrrsing. While Power’s prior work offered the possibility of meditative headphone listening or even dancefloors, “Rhesus Negative” is awesome in the most literal sense, meant to paralyze with both admiration and fear.