Autolux - Pussys Dead 12 inch

$55.00 (AUD)

They worked in collaboration with Boots, collaborator with Beyoncé and Run the Jewels, and his influence is all over these 10 songs. Azar has already mastered the Bonzo stomp, but the discipline of abstract timekeeping she constructs on songs like the sultry “Soft Scene” and the trap-like “Junk For Code” are new. They have the metronomic mastery and razor-edged precision of ?uestlove or Phil Selway.

They've also stepped up their songwriting from their prior studio works. From Sonic Youth, they appear to have learned the ability to find melody in madness. The spacey piano ballad “Anonymous” or the gorgeous penultimate track “Change My Head” hits the transcendence of Breeders and Spiritualized records, bolstered by the vocal harmonies of Azar, Edwards and Goreshter. By the time you get to the buggy coda “Becker,” Edwards is singing in a high, plaintive tenor that feels open-hearted. Yet, as the second half of “Listen to the Order” indicates, they can wield slashing fuzz guitars to slice through you like hot shrapnel all the same.

For those of us who have been in Autolux’s corner since they first emerged from Los Angeles, it’s been a bit trying to watch this group hide in plain sight. All kudos go to Boots for parlaying this influence he’s garnered producing the likes of Beyoncé, Run The Jewels and FKA twigs to help craft this record for a band whose breakthrough moment has eluded them for long enough.