Dumbsaint - Panorama, in ten pieces 12-Inch Vinyl

$40.00 (AUD)

Containing 55 minutes of our darkest, most challenging music to date, this album was written over a year and recorded in late 2014 with producer Dax Liniere, in several rural and suburban studios. Mixed by Liniere over a 4-month period and mastered in High Dynamic Range by Sean Diggins, this record showcases our intricate and unorthodox songwriting. 

As with every Dumbsaint release, 'Panorama, in ten pieces.' contains a synced film component. The 60-minute feature-length film was written, edited and filmed entirely by us: 

"'Panorama, in ten pieces.' is a suburban horror that tells the story of a residential street in darkness. Populated by a revolving ensemble of dysfunctional lovers, loners and shut-ins, the film peers in at the strange relationships and domestic rituals that go on behind the closed doors of one neighbourhood at night." 

Shot over 6 months with a cast of 25 actors, this surrealistic adaptation of the album's 10 tracks will come as a vinyl-only exclusive to be released separately in full at the end of 2015