Tym records 061 Return to White Chairs 12 inch

$28.00 (AUD)

Polarised by the politics and conservatism of this time, Brisbane gave birth to some of the world’s most influential punk, post-punk, and counterculture bands. Return to White Chairs V2 celebrates this time, the music, and the many people that lived, loved and played in that scene. After the measured success of the 2012 Return To White Chairs V1, V2 was never going to be anything but amazing. From the outset, it was realised that this was going to be a huge event. The venue, the production, and the lineup was curated to present a once in a lifetime show to be enjoyed by the fans and the artists alike. It was also recognised that the likelihood of putting together a show like this again was slim at best so it was decided that it must be preserved for posterity. With the help of some of this country’s finest engineers, Tym Records now proudly presents a very special chronicle of this show and a very important slice of Brisbane music history.


Return To White Chairs V2 featured one of the era’s earliest punk legends RAZAR, reforming again after their notorious tenth anniversary reunion show almost thirty years ago. A massive support lineup included other recognised names from back in the day; The Toy Watches, The Horny Toads, Scrap Metal, Public Execution, The 5 Hanks, Vacant Rooms, The Cultured Few, and The Chrysalids, all playing genres encompassing punk, new wave, rockabilly, power indie pop, and good ol’ rock and roll. More recent combinations of players from the era are found in Dr Bombay, The Dangerous Folk, and The Bollocks, who represent indie rock, Celtic punk, and pure punk rock.  This was a huge day and night of talent, nostalgia, and fun.


Return To White Chairs V2 is available from 14 October in very limited, numbered vinyl from Tym Records, selected stockists, or via the Return To White Chairs website. All album purchases will include a free digital download of the album, including bonus tracks, so you can immediately enjoy the show on your mobile device.