Tym Records 059 Kim Salmon Hookline and Singer 12 inch

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When you play as many shows and Kim Salmon, both with his bands The Scientists, The Surrealists, The Beasts of Bourbon or the many other guises Kim works under including his solo work, there will be ... special shows that you remember as being ... special.
One such show was a solo show Kim did in 1992 in Richmond, Melbourne. He set up his amp and guitar at the Central Club that night and ran through a kind of best of set of songs he'd written and co-written up to that point along with a couple of covers unaware that "Heppy", his sound guy was recording the set on DAT through the desk.

Kim eventually dubbed some cassette copies to sell on merch stands of his shows. These cassettes eventually became legendary in Kim Salmon circles. 

So, 26 years later Hookline and Singer get's it's official vinyl release. Restored, remixed and remastered by Donnie Miller at Tym studios. The show that stopped the show. The night the planets aligned and Kim channeled all the greats (of which he is one) and performed a show that was, and will be remembered as "one of those shows" that we are all lucky enough was captured on the night at the desk.

Hookline and Singer 12" contains 16 of Kim's favourites performed with an electric guitar and the swagger of Kim Salmon and is out exclusively through Tym records worldwide.