Tym Records 052 Peter Black S.A.D EP 7 inch

$12.00 (AUD)

In 2016 Peter Black embarked on a project most sane people would say was an impossible, insane quest for a person in several functioning bands, holding down a day job and having a life. He decided he was going to record a song a day, every day of the year. These weren't just "sit in a room and strum mindlessly" acoustic songs but crafted, honed and thought out songs in many different genres and styles. Some are acoustic, some are heavy with a full band. There's pop, there's noise. There's punk, there's ... disco. The variety of styles is mind boggling.

For RSD2017 Blackie and I got together to release something on vinyl and I thought I was going to have to sift through 365 songs (of which I'd already heard most) to hone down to 2 songs for a special 7". In typical Blackie style he says "I had songs left over 'cause I ran out of days" ...... 

I asked Blackie to pick his favourite so he sent me the details (day and month of recording) and a "leftover" unreleased song that he really wanted out there. I then sat down for days going through 363 songs to pick 2 I wanted. 

I was trying not to set a genre  for the EP but instead find 4 completely different songs that fitted together and could be cut into a 7" piece of vinyl
So, here it is. Out on Tym records for RSD2017 on limited edition 4 song 33 RPM 7", the Peter Black S.A.D EP featuring 4 songs recorded across a mammoth year of recording. 


If you haven't listened to Blackies S.A.D project I highly recommend spending some time getting acquainted with it. It's a lot of work but then, it was for Blackie to do, and is as rewarding for the listener as it was for the songwriter to achieve.