Vahlbruch Chorus

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The "Chorus" is a pure 100% analog hand-build highly versatile modulation effect pedal, especially designed to offer you authentic shimmering chorus and leslie-like sounds with STEREO outputs. This is the most compact, fully analog stereo chorus pedal with true bypass on the market today! And it´s perfectly suited for mono applications as well!


Like some famous vintage analog units it´s based on a MN3007 BBD chip, but a sophisticated and more modern circuit design reduces the noise level to an absolute minimum. This pedal is therefore suited very well for any studio work and professional live performance.


Controls include "depth", "speed" and "mix". A pulsating LED permanently indicates the speed of the "Chorus".


At lower "speed"-control setting and "depth" turned wide up the "Chorus" gives you a really lush, nice, watery and wide (it has stereo outs!) chorus sound, which can perfectly intensity balanced to your taste using the mix knob. On the other hand you can easily produce swirling leslie-type sounds by simply reducing "depth" and increasing the "speed"-control. It´s a highly flexible pedal and the range of modulation sounds is very, very wide. I´m sure you will find your sweet spots!


The pedal has a true bypass switch for perfect signal transfer without any tone loss. And it has stereo outs! This also allows you to use this pedal even as a signal splitter to drive two amps - with or without engaged chorus.


A blue LED displays the pedal on/off status.

An external standard 9V power supply (ring +, tip -) is required. The power consumption is approximately 35mA. 


The "Chorus" pedal has NO pcb-mounted jacks, NO pcb-mounted footswitch and NO pcb-mounted pots! This certainly means more effort building the pedal compared to industrial mass production but it´s truly worth it!

Like all Vahlbruch pedals the "Chorus" is hand-made utilizing only the best components available worldwide for high-end tone and years of trouble free operation. 


100% pure analog - made in Germany.  

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