Tym ODP777

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Based on an original '77 7 resistor grey DOD 250 this is my version of the early overdrive preamp. This uses original value components and the original "legendary" socketed LM741 IC. This version also has a mini toggle switch for removing the silicon clipping diodes to make it a HUGE clean preamp. My version has true bypass switching, an LED and a Boss style 9V input adaptor, none of which the original (or re-issue) DOD 250's had. Hand built in powder coated Hammond enclosures with vinyl label artwork on custom designed Tym PCB's.



My designs are inspired by the classic old units but with modern components and appointments and many options like true bypass or non true bypass switching, LED's, added "active" tone controls, boosts and "Boss" compatible 9 volt adapters. NONE of my pedals use batteries.

NOTE: Knobs may change due to availability.