Maxon RCP660 2ND HAND

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MIJ. Good condition with some player wear. New input and output jacks. Non original knobs.


Many of the greatest recordings of all time were tracked using tube compressors. The Maxon RCP660 Real Tube Compressor gives you compression with controls that are incredibly simple to use. There's a master volume plus sensitivity control that determines when the compression is activated. Attack and sustain knobs control the degree of compression and intensity, allowing for everything from a subtle pinch to extreme squash. Footswitchable boost function allows for quick changes between solo and rhythm playing, or the ability to use it as a clean booster in front of your amp. Powered by one hand-selected 12AX7WXT, it can be used for guitar or bass due to its transparent operation.



Genuine tube tone

12AX7WXT tube

Master volume


Attack and sustain controls

Footswitchable boost

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