New (temporary) site for Tym effects

While I'm having trouble with online inventory issues with some of my stuff that sells "too quickly" I've set up a temporary site for people to access my pedals.

These are my usual hand made Tym effects with full warranties and being shipped twice a week during C-19 like everything else.

The site is HERE.

As always I will be putting pedals up as I get them done. I don't do presales or holds on any hand made Tym stuff. 

Shipping options are set and like always I'm happy to refund any difference if you like? With C-19 some places are getting more expensive and having periods I can't ship to. If this is the case I will try and find a workaround or wait until supply lines are back open.

Hopefully this is a short term "fix" as i know it's not ideal for everyone involved.

Thanks to everyone who buys my stuff and supports this place.

If you have any questions please contact me.


Jun 14 2020 Written By: Tim Brennan