Yuck - Glow and Behold 12"

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There isn’t a lot of precedent for what Yuck’s doing on their sophomore LP Glow & Behold.While it’s not unusual for groups in more moneyed genres to survive the departure of their lead singer, they tend to bring on a hired gun—Brian Johnson, Sammy Hagar, Peter Cetera, whoever’s singing in Journey right now. But typically in indie rock, when the frontperson’s done, the band is too. So here’s Yuck, not only carrying on without Daniel Blumberg, but also making the rare internal promotion in guitarist Max Bloom, who sang on one track last time out (“Operation”). And yet, Yuck seems like a good candidate to pull this off, because their inexhaustibly replayable self-titled debut from 2011 was nothing but precedent—they were the best Yo La Tengo, Superchunk, Built to Spill and Dinosaur Jr. songs you may have heard in years, but done with enough spirit, melody and grace to serve as tough competition for the originals. This isn’t to denigrate the contribution of Blumberg, after all, he co-wrote and sang the vast majority of Yuck. But as long as they didn’t ditch their CD collection, they’re still Yuck, right? Well, on Glow & Behold, Yuck do indeed get further and deeper into their personal canon.